Free Level 1 Cricket Coaching Course

With an emphasis on grassroots cricket, Cricket Australia has introduced an initiative allow all up and coming cricket coaches, parents and volunteers to learn how to become effective coaches of junior cricketers for free.

Features of Level 1 Coaching Courses

Level 1 coaching courses typically cover the following modules/components to ultimately enhance the capacity of parents, volunteers, and inexperienced cricket coaches:

  • Training session plans: coaches are educated on how to structure a typical 1-2 hour training session to ensure kids of all abilities are catered for in a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Cricketing drills, activities, and games: the course provides coaches with teaching and coaching strategies focusing on batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. Post completion of the course, Level 1 coaches get access to hundreds of video content from the Cricket Australia coaching website and Cricket Australia coaching mobile phone app.
  • Game day management: participants in the course are briefed on the typical protocols and procedures coaches should undertake to facilitate a smooth and enjoyable game of cricket for all stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder management: parents, volunteers and budding coaches are given the tools to develop a set of strategies to build effective relationships within and between cricket clubs, parents, officials and players.

How Can Parents, Volunteers and Budding Coaches Sign Up?

  1. Register as a coach here
  2. Complete the Introduction to Cricket course online
  3. Attend a Community Course in your region by selecting a course near you. A full list of all scheduled courses can be found here.

If you have any issues, you will find some FAQ’s here. Also, you can email Cricket Australia on

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