Sydney Cricket Camps in Concord and Sutherland Shire and NSW Cricket Camps in Newcastle. Our school holiday Cricket Camps are designed for boys and girls aged 6-14 years. If you’re a parent searching for an exciting, educational and confidence boosting cricket experience for your child, join our team of experienced coaches that have played and coached at representative levels.

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Luke’s knowledge of the technical aspects of cricket, along with his awareness of how to make coaching sessions engaging and educational, allows him to create a fun and positive learning environment for children. I’ve seen Luke in action at his school holiday cricket camps with his team of coaches. The cricket coaching programs used by Team Super Sports Camps combines technique advice with skills activities and stimulating game scenario sessions to help every junior cricketer reach their goals.

Josh Hazlewood – Australian Fast Bowler

James had a great time today at your Sutherland Shire Cricket Camp. He said all of the coaches were really nice and enjoyed hearing their tips and techniques. The communication has been excellent as was the organisation of the day. Great job. Thanks.

Kirsty Whittaker

I just wanted to thank Team Super Sports Camps for your organisation, fantastic communication, and outstanding cricket camp. My son attended the Concord Cricket Camp. He was brimming with confidence and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was most impressed with the assessment of his skills report card. It’s given my husband and myself an idea of my son’s skills (weaknesses and strengths) and therefore an idea of how to help him. The coaches were professional and we look forward to coming back next summer.

Linda Robinson

My son always comes home after your Concord Cricket Camps exhausted but elated. Thank you once again for providing a fantastic experience, he always learns a lot and has a lot of fun. We will be back next holidays! Thanks.

Vanessa Swain

Hi Luke, both my Daughter and Son attended the Cricket Camp at Seymour Shaw Park in the summer holidays. Since picking them up all they have done is talked about how good it was and wanting to go next school holidays. Thanks for providing such a great activity.

Samantha Malley

Thanks to the Super Sports Camps coaching staff for yet another fabulous three days at the Newcastle Cricket Camp. My son and his mates had an exciting time learning how to improve their game as well as taking part in a variety of activities and games. Your efforts are commendable and much loved by all the cricketers in attendance.

Suzanne Mason


Step 1 – Meet and Greet

Our Head Coach will greet parents/carers and players at the Sign-In Station at the designated Drop Off/Pick Up location. 

Step 2 – Placing Players into Groups

Coaches organise players into appropriate age and/or ability groups to maximise learning, fair play, and participation for all attendees.

Step 3 – Implementation

Coaches take their allocated group of players through the Cricket Coaching Program. Scroll below to find details on features of our Cricket Coaching Program implemented at our Cricket Camps.

Step 4 – Player Collection

Our Head Coach will greet parents/carers and oversee the collection of all players at the Sign Out Station at the designated Drop Off/Pick Up location. 

Items Players Should Bring Each Day of Cricket Camp 

  • Clothes to Wear: T-shirt, shorts/track pants, running shoes or cricket shoes, jumper in case of cold weather, a hat/cap, and change of dry clothing in case of wet weather
  • Cricket Equipment To Bring: Players are encouraged to bring their own playing equipment. Some equipment is provided and supplied by Super Sports Camps. Parents are reminded to have their child’s personal equipment labeled with their child’s name
  • Sun Cream: Please ensure this is applied in the morning before arrival at the camp. Our staff will remind children to reapply sun cream during the day. We are not responsible for applying sun cream on children nor will they assist children to apply sun cream Parents are responsible for advising/reminding children before camp of the need to reapply sun cream
  • Food and Drinks to Pack for Recess and Lunch: Healthy balanced recess and lunch – we are not responsible for providing food for children.
  • Refillable drink bottles: All children will be given opportunities to refill bottles with water during the day and will be given frequent opportunities to rehydrate with water
  • Avoid Brining the Following Items: Large sums of money, electronic devices – Ipods, Ipads, gaming consoles
 or mobile phones 

Here’s what happens at cricket camp 

  • Our Cricket Camp is a day event with no overnight stay or accommodation
  • Players move through a circuit of technical drills, skill development activities and modified games each day
  • A different Coaching Program is implemented each day of the Cricket Camp
  • Emphasis placed on bowling, batting and fielding skills and drills
  • Type and order of coaching strategies, drills, games and activities are changed regularly to maximise learning and enjoyment
  • Professional, and experienced coaches apply their professional training and playing experience
  • Three Day Cricket Camps: The focus of Day One and Day Two centres around technical coaching and a variety of cricketing games, drills and activities which aim to develop every player’s batting, bowling and fielding skills. A component of Day Three is dedicated to our very own Twenty 20 Competition where players get to apply all of their newfound cricketing and teamwork skills
  • Two Day Cricket Camps: Day One focuses on technical coaching and cricketing games, drills and activities and a component of Day Two is dedicated to our Twenty 20 Competition
  • One Day Cricket Camps: Our one day Cricket Camps incorporate technical coaching and cricketing games, drills, and activities and our Twenty 20 Competition

Sample Cricket Camp Program 

Below is a sample Cricket Coaching Program used on Day One at our Cricket Camp to give you an insight into what your child can expect.






Technical Advice and Skill Development Games for Batters

Focusing on developing correct batting technique, our Cricket Camp program ensures batters get to master key batting skills. Our coaches also implement drills, net sessions and modified cricket games that help junior cricketers improve front foot and back foot shot making against fast bowlers and spin bowlers.

Fielding Technique and Fielding Games 

Our coaches conduct fielding exercises, technical drills, and fielding games to enhance each player’s ability to field balls cleanly, throw correctly and catch balls close to the wicket and in the outfield with confidence. This is how the Cricket Camp program helps players to develop their ground fielding, throwing, and catching skills.

Twenty 20 Skills and Twenty 20 Competitions 

Building Twenty 20 cricket skills is a cornerstone of our Cricket Camp program. From offering technical advice on how batters ought to execute lofted drives to tips on bowling slower balls through to modified cricket games, our coaches combine coaching strategies and technical expertise to help junior cricketers master Twenty 20 skills.

Players Grouped by Age and Ability

Coaches organise players into groups of players around the same age and ability. Coaches ensure friends and siblings are grouped together. Coaches do move players from original groups into different cohorts during the camp to maximise player satisfaction. These decisions are made in consultation with other coaches, parents and the players involved. We adopt coaching ratios of 1:12.

Increasing Self Confidence 

We are committed to educating and inspiring junior cricketer to reach their potential. With a large focus on teamwork, technique development, rewarding players for giving their best and establishing friendships based on respect, we can turn your child from lacking confidence in a team environment into a child who appreciates being a member of a group.

Fast and Spin Bowling Technique Sessions 

With an emphasis on correct bowling technique, our Cricket Camp program ensures fast bowlers and spin bowlers improve fundamental bowling skills. To do this, our coaches offer technical advice and implement drills, net sessions and modified cricket games to allow your child to bowl confidently and competently.

Net Session Practice

A centerpiece of our Cricket Camp program is providing junior cricketers with access to quality synthetic surfaces. During net sessions, our coaches provide technical advice to bowlers and batters, undertake wicket-keeping drills and implement batting and bowling situation training methods.

Experienced and Professional Cricket Coaches 

Our coaches include NSW junior representatives, NSW Second XI representatives, NSW schoolboy representatives, and Sydney, Newcastle and Maitland first grade players. The community-minded coaching team utilise their playing experience and technical knowledge to create a personalised experience for every junior cricketer at our Cricket Camps.

Catering for Cricketers of All Abilities  

From incorporating fundamental technique components to integrating highly specific batting, bowling and fielding knowledge, every junior cricketer can take their game to the next level with us. Our Cricket Camp program ensures beginner, proficient and advanced junior cricketers boost their cricketing skills and their confidence.

Inclusive and Safe Learning Environment 

Since our coaches model various social skills like verbal communication, decision making, and problem-solving, we help your child to refine their ability to communicate confidently in groups, make informed decisions, and act cooperatively. We can make sure your child gets the advice they need to become confident and dignified young people.



Venue: Empire Park | Bar Beach
Date: July 8-9, 2019.
Time: 8.30am – 3.00pm each day. (Program begins at 9.00am.)
Ages: 6-14 Years. (Boys and girls welcome.)
Wet Weather Venue: Undercover facilities at Empire Park to be utilised during periods of wet weather.
Early Bird Price$60 each day. Ends May 31, 2019.
Regular Price: $75 each day. Begins June 1, 2019.
Group BookingsGroups of 3 or more to save 25% off the regular price.
Information Brochure: Click here to view.


Venue: Caringbah High School | Caringbah
Date: July 11-12, 2019.
Time: 8.30am – 3.00pm. (Program begins at 9.00am.)
Ages: 6-14 Years. (Boys and girls welcome.)
Wet Weather Plan: Under cover facilities at Caringbah High School to be utilised during periods of wet weather.
Early Bird Price: $60 each day. Ends May 31, 2019.
Regular Price: $75 each day. Begins June 1, 2019.
Group BookingsGroups of 3 or more to save 25% off the regular price.
Information Brochure: Click here to view.

CONCORD Cricket Camp

Venue: St Luke’s Park | Concord
Date: Our Concord Cricket Camps will be back in October 2019.
Time: 8.30am – 3.00pm. (Program begins at 9.00am.)
Ages: 6-14 Years. (Boys and girls welcome.)
Wet Weather Venue: To be confirmed.
Early Bird Price: $60 each day
Regular Price: $75 each day.
Group BookingsGroups of 3 or more to save 25% off the regular price.


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