As a parent, have you faced the challenge of encouraging your child off the game console and into physical activity? Whilst this is becoming an increasingly common issue for parents to manage, you can adopt three simple strategies to inspire your kids to spend more time playing on the sporting field with their mates as opposed to playing team sports on the screen!


Build Your Child’s Sporting Self Belief.

  1. Make positive comments to children regarding their fluency of movement or coordination: This may be as simple as feeding back to your kids that you are noticing the progression in their sporting skills after their match has concluded on the weekend.
  2. Communicate to your child whilst watching their sporting heroes on television: Making comments about the fact professional athletes started out as juniors just like your kids, highlighting the prominent features of their professional athlete heroes such as team work and dedication to training and providing affirming statements to your child that they are replicating these elements are a few ways to apply this concept.
  3. Reward your children with time spent outdoors playing team sports with their mates as opposed to gifting them leisure time playing on the game console: Take your kids to the local park of a late afternoon or evening taking part in modified games and activities will give your kids the chance to practice their skills and grow a sense of confidence from the fact their parents are eager to help them reach their sporting potential. This could improve your child’s perception of their sporting ability.

Provide Your Child Inspiring Sporting Experiences.

  1. Create backyard sporting environments where children feel welcomed, supported, valued and included: Provide rewards or positive verbal feedback to your kids if and when they perform technical skills in a proficient or improved manner.
  2. Supervise your kids and create game scenarios: On weekends host your children’s friends to take part in sporting pursuits in your backyard or at a near by park or oval. Set up modified fields, provide your kids with scenarios or match play situations to capture their interest and motivate them to participate in team sports.

Inspire Your Child To Choose Play Time Over Screen Time.

  1. Provide equipment and facilities and variety of sports or learning environments: build up a kit bag of soccer balls, footy balls, cricket equipment, basketballs or whatever sporting equipment that your child can’t get enough of. Visiting sporting equipment stores like Rebel Sport or Good Buddy Sports may be a great starting point.
  2. Modify the space, equipment and rules to match the activity to the ability levels of your child: Establish achievable goals and objectives such as short distance kicking targets or modified boundaries to give your child sense that they are capable of performing sporting movements in a confident and proficient manner.
  3. Ask children questions: Involve children in decision making over game type, size of field, rules and team formation. Query children on their progression and reasons why they look up to their sporting heroes. This should go a long way to helping you get your kids onto the sporting field and out of the digital world.

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