Multi Sports Camp ENROLMENT


We are very excited that you have chosen to enrol your child in our Multi Sports Camp. Please follow the prompts to complete payment and enrolment.


Customers that enrol by March 16 receive a $10 discount for each day booked. The regular daily price commences March 17. So enrol early and save up to $20 for each child booked.


Enrol your child with at least two other friends or siblings and each child will receive a $10 discount for each day they are enroled. Customers can access this offer in two ways.

Firstly, simply book and pay for all three children in one transaction on our website. Use this option and customers will be automatically charged the group booking price which is $10 cheaper than the daily price.

Alternatively, book and pay for one child and note in the booking form the names of their friends attending. Once those friends have been booked and paid for by their parents, each customer connected to the group booking will receive a $10 refund for each day booked. This refund will be paid back to the credit card used by customers.


Our coaches will do their best to ensure friends/siblings are grouped together. However, this is not always possible. Our priority is to have children grouped according to ability levels and our internal coach to player ratio protocols. We are committed to our standards because doing so allows us to maximise learning, fair play, and participation for all attendees. So, because of the standards that we have in place, it isn’t always possible to place friends and siblings in the same group. Please note that children will have opportunities to socialise with their friends and siblings during recess and lunch times, just like they would on a typical day at school.


We’ve updated our booking system. The big advantage to customers you’ll simply enter your child’s details once and never having to fill in booking forms again. Also, customers won’t have to fill in the booking form multiple times if you’re enrolling more than one child to receive our group booking discounts.

Here’s a look at how the new booking process works.

Step 1: Choose the location where you’d like to book.

Find the right location for you and then click ‘Book’.

Step 2: Choose the number of children and date you want to book.

Note that you can only book one day at a time. If you want to book more days that’ll be easily done after you book the first day.

Step 3: Enter your child’s details.

Go ahead and enter your details. If this is the first time you’re entering your child’s details the form will be empty.

Step 4: If you’ve already entered your child’s details…

By default, the form is set to ‘new person’, but if you click the drop-down where it says ‘select’ you’ll see your child’s name. Select their name and the form will automatically fill in for you.

Step 5: Booking confirmation.

Once you’ve filled in your children’s details you’re asked if you want to make another booking. If you want to book another day click ‘Add another booking’ and the process to book another day will be like the process you just went through. If you’re ok with booking just one day click ‘Book camp date(s)’

Step 6: Payment.

The last step is entering your payment details and you’re done. You will receive a booking confirmation email.

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