Multi Sports Camp ENROLMENT


We are very excited that you have chosen to enrol your child to attend our Multi Sports Camp. Please follow the prompts to complete payment and enrolment.


Customers that enrol by September 15 receive a $10 discount for each day booked. The regular each day price of $70 commences September 16. So, enrol early and save up to $30.


Enrol your child with at least one of their friends or enrol your child with at least one sibling and each child will receive a $5 discount for each day they are enroled. Customers are to make payment and complete the booking form for each child. Enter the names of your child’s friends/siblings who are attending in the ‘group booking’ section of the booking form.

Refund Process: When we receive payment confirmation and a completed enrolment form for all children named in the ‘group booking’ section of the booking form, customers will be refunded a total of $5 for each child for each day they’ve been enroled. These funds will be refunded to your credit card within 48 hours of receipt of payment. You will be contacted when this occurs. So, book in groups to save up to $15.


Please follow the TWO enrolment steps below remembering to select your preferred location as well as stating the correct age for your child because we will be grouping all attendees according to age. Thank you once again for choosing Super Sports Camps to enhance your child’s teamwork skills, sporting performance, and self-confidence. We are looking forward to accommodating the needs of working parents and junior athletes these school holidays.

To enrol, there are two steps:


Enrol and pay for either one, two or three days at the camp. Payment buttons can be found at the bottom of the page. Payment needs to be made separately for each child and must be made prior to completing the booking form. Complete payment using your credit card through our Pay Pal online payment system.

Enroling for Additional Days: If you chose to enrol for one or two days before the camp starts, but during the camp you would like to enrol your child for extra days, we accept additional bookings. Just go ahead and enrol for those extra days by coming back to this enrolment page during the camp. The regular pricing rate will apply for additional days booked during the camp.


Fill in the enrolment form immediately after paying. You will be automatically directed to the booking form once you successfully pay.

Note: If you do not fill in the form, we will not be able to place your child in the camp. This form needs to be filled in separately for each child being enrolled to attend. If your child has a friend or sibling and you would like your child to be grouped with that child, then please enter their name on the booking form.

Grouping of Friends/Siblings: Our coaches will do their best to ensure friends/siblings are grouped together but sometimes this is not possible. Our priority is to have children grouped according to ability levels to maximise fair play and participation for all attendees.

To proceed on with STEP 1, please select one of the three payment buttons below:


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