We deliver sports programs to OOSH centres Sydney wide during school holidays and after school which are designed to provide boys and girls of all abilities an active and confidence building experience. The programs can be completely tailored to the interests of your children.


As we are mobile, we have the capacity to deliver sports programs at OOSH centres Sydney wide which means we come directly to your chosen location to teach and entertain your children. For example, our Sydney based sports coaches can supply OOSH sports programs in the St George District (Oatley and Kyle Bay), Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Inner West, North Shore, and Western Suburbs.


All of our coaches are trained, qualified, licensed and insured and have extensive backgrounds in teaching and sports coaching. We supply all of the professional sporting equipment required and use the facilities available at your chosen venue.


Ultimately, we want to make your child just as happy as you do and our years of experience allow us to truly understand what goes into delivering OOSH care. That’s why our service includes the supply of professional sporting equipment, a customised program of activities to suit your child’s interests, and friendly and reliable coaches. Therefore, we are confident that our OOSH sports program service will keep your children engaged and entertained. Going with us means you can outsource physical education to us and spend more time preparing other teaching and learning activities for your children.







Bookings for OOSH sports programs are currently being taken. We are delivering after school and school holiday programs at OOSH centres Sydney wide.


We do not take online bookings as we prefer to speak with you first to get to know you, your specific goals and the interests of your children. This way, we can run through how our OOSH program functions. Once this occurs, we can organise bookings with you. Choose from one of the following contact options:


Call or text Luke on 0408 495 766.


Express your interest by sending an email to luke@supersportscamps.com.au.


Offering a wide range of team sports, games and tournaments, this program focuses on fundamental skill development, competitive play, teamwork and confidence building. Kids rotate every 20 to 40 minutes through different games and sports stations. Each station is a different team sport which begins with kids receiving technical coaching, instructions on rules followed by kids taking part in structured games.

Aimed to introduce kids to the fundamental skills and rules of the game, our Cricket Program provides kids various cricketing games and drills. To maximise participation and engagement, kids rotate every 20-40 minutes across games based and technique-based stations. For example, kids take part in a batting technique drills then move onto a batting related game. The emphasis is on keeping kids active and entertained in a fun learning environment.

Combining AFL games, activities and drills, this program aims to provide technical coaching, boost player performance and enhance the well being of all participants (e.g. belonging to a team and boosting their self-confidence). Players rotate onto different stations every 20-40 minutes and get the opportunity to participate in various games, skills training and match play scenarios with their friends.


1. School Holiday Sports Programs

We can create and implement school holiday sports programs specifically for OOSH centres. Our coaches supply all of the sports equipment needed to meet the exact needs of your vacation care centre. You’ll never have to prepare a sports-based vacation care program or purchase, store and maintain sports equipment. Plus, we can teach your staff to deliver engaging and entertaining physical activity programs. We’re here to support learning at your vacation care centre during school holidays.

2. After School Sports Programs

Our after school program is structured in a way to keep your kids active whilst developing their fundamental sporting skills because after school vacation care may be the only time your kids get to experience an active lifestyle outside of school hours. So it’s important to get your physical activity programs right. We’ll provide a confidence building learning environment for your kids and teach them to live healthy, safe, and active lifestyles. Let us help you develop the capacity of your teachers to deliver physical activity programs.



  • 2-hour package: $20 each child
  • 3-hour package: $25 each child
  • 4-hour package: $30 each child

What does the price cover?

  • Minimum number of children: 20 children.
  • Maximum number of children: 100 children.
  • Number of coaches: 1 coach to facilitate the sports program for up to 20 children.
  • Note: If more than 100 children need catering for contact Luke on 0408 495 766 or email luke@supersportscamps.com.au


  • Trusted coaches: All of our staff are qualified, licensed, insured and experienced in working with children
  • Convenience: We can come directly to the location of your choice. This includes OOSH/child care centres, schools, parks, gymnasiums and halls.
  • Professional sport equipment: Our staff come fully equipped with a range of sporting goods, coaching aids and training tools.
  • Customisation: Vacation care staff can nominate specific sports played, determine the groups/teams kids are placed in, set the date and time of event, and decide on the times for meal breaks e.g. recess and lunch.
  • Program structure: Various stations are set up with a unique team sport, game or competition played at each station with children rotating every 20 to 40 minutes to a play a different sport, game, or activity. Our coaches place children into teams based on age, existing friendships, or instructions of vacation care staff.
  • Staff involvement: During the program, our team will take responsibility for managing the behaviour and well being of children taking on board any specific management instructions provided by vacation care staff. But, child care staff are free to support our coaches in managing the behaviour and individual needs of children.

How Our OOSH Sports Programs Function

Step 1 – Set Up and Preparation 

Our coaches will greet vacation care staff and kids 30 minutes prior to the planned start time of the vacation care service at your school. Coaches then set up between 2-4 stations for different, games, competitions or activities. Coaches are fully equipped and resourced. Coaches welcome any advice or support from vacation care staff regarding facilities or kids attending vacation care centre.

Step 2 – Players Placed Into Groups

With the help of OOSH centre staff, our coaches organise players into appropriate age and/or ability groups. Coaches do move players from original groups into different cohorts during the program to maximise satisfaction of all kids in attendance. These decisions are made in consultation with vacation care centre staff.

Step 3 – Implementation of OOSH Sports Program

At each station, coaches deliver instructions regarding technical skills and the rules of the planned game. Coaches then facilitate the designated games and activities to take place. The coach acts as an instructor, referee, and entertainer of kids. Every 30 minutes the coaches will ensure kids rotate through each mini field that has been set up for different games and activities. Coaches will break for recess and lunch times that suit your vacation care centre. Drinks breaks and rest breaks are scheduled into the program for all kids to access when they feel the need to do so.

Step 4 – Wrap Up and Reflection

Our coaches finish off the program with a brief reflection of the session. Coaches engage in conversations with attendees to ask students to recall the games and sports played, the skills developed and the positive feelings they experienced when taking part. Children then become the responsibility of vacation care centre staff.

Praise From Our Customers

We were very impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail, and care for the children the team from Super Sports Camps demonstrated. The coaches had a great rapport with the kids because of their management strategies used. The range of sports they had planned and the way they included all children was very pleasing for all.

Mel – Mimi OOSH

Our kids had a great time today despite the heat. They loved the games and activities your coaches Steve and Jordy organised. The kids also loved the free Super Sports Camps T-Shirts you provided. Thanks for an amazing day.

Kirralee – Connells Point BASC

The team from SSC have been fantastic with our kids. The range of activities they deliver and the adaptability of the coaches to meet the needs of our children at our after school program is very impressive. The degree of care and thought taken by Luke and his team highlights their professionalism and dedication to children at our centre.

Kirsten – SCOOSH

Thank you so much to Luke and Steve at Super Sports Camps for our fun packed morning at Heathcote East Vacation Care! Our group are utterly exhausted and cannot stop talking about how much fun they had!

Ashley – Heathcote East OSHC

Hi Luke. The kids have absolutely loved the school holiday programs you have delivered to us throughout the year. Our staff love working with you and your team because you are punctual, organised and professional. You make our job of educating our kids much easier because of your attention to detail, planning, and teaching effectiveness.

Carmela – Kids @ Weldon

The kids and staff thought your program was absolutely fantastic. The staff noticed how Luke and Chris were able to engage the children the whole time (no easy feat!) and they were highly enthused with the variety in your program! A big thank you from everyone. I’ve been in the industry for some time and this was by far the best sporting program I’ve seen.



Fun, Active and Healthy Programs

Our vacation care sports programs kids will be an active and healthy experience for your kids. With a focus on team sports, competitions and teamwork, boys and girls are provided with an environment focused on game scenarios, energy, enthusiasm, movement, and action. The rotational nature of our vacation care structure guarantees a fun environment.

Satisfying and Inspiring Kids

We are committed to making each boy and girl at your vacation care feel valued, important and treasured. Apart from providing your students with an active and healthy vacation care experience, children displaying exemplary sports skills and teamwork abilities are recognised with awards. Our coaches are passionate and care about the development of your kids.

Focus on Participation and Teamwork 

To ensure your kids have an amazing vacation care experience, we place a big emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, and inclusion. A unified team is a happy team. When we work with your students and their mates, our coaching staff put in place structures to ensure an uplifting and confidence building experience for all kids in attendance.

Customised for Vacation Care Centres 

Each vacation care centre and their kids have unique needs. So, we offer a vacation care service that is highly customised to meet the individual requirements of vacation centres in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire and Sydney’s Inner West. Offering vacation centres a choice of sporting program, various sporting activities, and flexible schedules, we’ll give you what you want.

Convenience of Location 

Convenience for is a significant factor when choosing us. We come directly to your OOSH centre to deliver our sports program options. We bring all of the equipment and the know how to ensure your vacation care attendees are entertained in a safe and familiar learning environment. Let us do our bit to create a fun and active experience so your kids feel special whilst in your care.

Enthusiastic Well Resourced Coaches

The coaching team utilise their teaching and coaching experiences to deliver a range of coaching and learning scenarios and strategies to satisfy the needs of your kids. Implementing a clear and structured program, making use of various coaching aids and resources, our qualified and licensed team committed to entertaining your kids.

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